July 7, 2011

Add Support to a Bandeau

Kludging goal: Add support and shape to a bikini top
Kludging skill level: Beginner
Permanence: Semi-permanent
Starting materials: Bandeau top, old molded-cup bra, coordinating thread
Required tools: Scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread

I've had this retro-style bikini for several years but haven't gotten much use out of it due to the unflattering way the top fits. It tends to sag in the cups and ride up in the middle, due to the lack of reinforcement and the placement of the straps. It wasn't very flattering and had the potential for a wardrobe malfunction...

I decided to move the straps and add additional support in the cups. I started by removing the flimsy pads from the top (they slipped in and out of the inner lining).

I then traced the pad on the cup of a bra that had streched out in the band but still had usable, supportive molded cups.

I repeated this on the other cup, and cut out the cups (above the underwire) on the traced lines.
Note: If you need extra support and the bathing suit cups are big enough, you could keep the underwire with the bra cup when cutting it out.

I slipped the new cups into the bandeau and it improved the shape immediately.

I then snipped off the straps which were attached in the middle of the bandeau.

I tried on the top and decided where the best new location for the straps would be for the most support (this ended up being about the midpoint of the cups). I sewed the straps on to their new location.

Greatly improved!

No more sag...

...or risk of flashing!