September 2, 2010

So what is it you do here?

Welcome to The Style Kludge! 
Outfit results not typical.
This blog stems from my love of fashion and my unwillingness to do anything about it. Since a very young age, I have safety-pinned, packaging-taped, stapled, knotted, glued, and rubber-banded my way to a customized wardrobe. I've never had much patience for "real" sewing (I made a dress from a pattern one time, at age 12. The fabric was black with red and white dice all over it; I wore it once. My track record is not good), but I've always been creative and experimental with clothing. Even my Barbie clothes were covered in puffy paint and held together with Elmer's. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that this isn't the norm for everyone else. You mean you buy stuff off the rack? At a store? And just...wear it? When I happened across the wonderful word kludge, I knew that's the perfect way to describe what I do, and why I do it. With this blog, I hope to share some kludging techniques and learn some from my readers. Enjoy!

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